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Not every Chief is visible. But so many across the globe are changing the world. Every week the Chief Brief covers stories that matter to you, and these leaders. I’ll breaks it down to its nutshell and spotlight the leaders you should know, their accomplishments and innovations. They’ll just happen to be all women (and occassionally the genuine allies we can’t make progress without!)

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Who Writes The Chief Brief & Why?

My name is Maithreyi Seetharaman and for two decades I have spoken to, interviewed, got to know and been supporting global women leaders. I’ve done the rounds of the media world - as an international economics journalist, television anchor for the likes of Bloomberg, CNBC and Euronews, turned into a media entrepreneur, co-chair of the world’s most exclusive summits and most recently the builder and co-chair of a global community of female leaders for Fortune Most Powerful Women International.

The Chief Brief is my small way to help you get to know the issues driving women leaders you won’t necessarily meet at Davos or the Web Summit. Or at your next industry event, or even at that fabulous (and much anticipated) 2021 cocktail party. You’ll get to know leaders who are diverse and spread across the world. I’ll link their public profiles (when available) in the CB so you can reach out to them directly, if you find they/their work resonates with you.
Some of the ladies the CB covers come from cultures where building a personal brand hasn’t become critical yet. Or they purposefully choose to keep a low profile and let their work speak for them. But these are women getting things done, changing the world and have perspective you can tap into.

My Mantra is: If you don’t know her, you probably should. She could change your life.